Timeless and unique hardware.


Transform with texture

Our hammered metal features a timeless highly textured finish found in metalwork throughout the ages. Perfectly imperfect.


For contemporary and transitional interiors

Our perforated pieces play with openness, light and depth, creating a strong visual statement. The sides of the metal are hand finished, ensuring each edge is smooth, solid, and soft to touch.


Modern and minimal with an edge

Our textured finish includes an organic veining reminiscent of patterns found in nature. This unique finish offers a soft and responsive touch.


Clean and architectural

Hoffman Hardware solid pieces offer en elegant and geometric presence.


All finishes are non-laquered and will develop a patina over time.

Hoffman Hardware's debut pieces were crafted in brass due to the metal's warmth, resiliency, and timeless appeal.

Satin Nickel's smooth and softly refined finish is selected for its warm velvety finish.

Polished nickel is known for its cool lovely sheen and subtle sparkle.

Copper offers an understated elegance with its warm, deep, rosy glow. The soft, reddish-orange tones add drama and a touch of the unexpected.

Our pewter pieces feature a timeless brilliance and depth. The cool, steely tones seem to glow from the inside and lend a heritage feel to your space.

Our bronze pieces feature golden tones and copper undertones.The hand rubbing process allows the tarnish to settle in the low spots and highlight the high spots providing a deep, aged feel to this living finish.

Our blackened brass features a subtle warmth highlighting the tones of the original brass material.